Asus P4C800 Rev 2

This board has been my latest personal hell. Back in the year 2005, my Asus P4C800 Deluxe fried. After taking their time, Asus sent me a re­place­ment board. I simply assumed that it was a Deluxe and re­in­stalled it. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it was actually a P4C800 Rev 2. There are three models of the P4C800: P4C800, P4C800 deluxe, and P4C800-e deluxe. From what I can tell online, the Rev 2 is actually the e deluxe, but it looks like a hacked together mix between the P4C800 and the e deluxe.

This is where I made a mistake. One night when trying to get suspend to work in Linux, I continue.